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After twenty years of practising primarily family law, I know there is a better way for individuals to resolve their differences when separating.  I believe that this better way is through the collaborative process.  The traditional litigation approach has individuals starting or responding to a Court Application, filling out numerous court forms and related documentation, attending several court dates, spending large amounts of money, and ending up with a result that does not seem right, because someone else was making all of the important decisions.

With the collaborative approach you can harness the positive energy from all those involved so that you move forward in a planned and productive way to reach a final settlement with which you are satisfied.  We work together with your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer, and other professionals (parenting and/or financial) as part of the collaborative team.  Through the collaborative process we reach a resolution – one that is achieved in a short amount of time, and is more cost-effective.  You and your spouse will have much greater control over the process, deciding what issues are important to both of you and allowing you to explore the possible solutions to those issues.

I would be happy to meet with you and discuss how collaborative family law can work for you.

Brent Walmsley