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Carolyn McAlpine Family Professional & Mediator 705-879-1553

Being a member of the Family Law Resolution Centre, my commitment and focus is on helping to minimize the negative impact of separation and divorce, and on creating shared solutions that acknowledge each family member’s highest priorities and what matters most to you.

As a Family Law Professional, I will often be the first member of the Collaborative Team to meet with you and your family, to begin to address any conflict, lack of communication or issues relating to the children. I am able to help streamline the collaborative process, and my involvement can be far more cost-effective as I will be a shared resource between you and your spouse, and the collaborative team.

I support and empower my clients as they make difficult decisions and transition into the next phase of their life.

When involved, the children’s needs are foremost. I help you to work towards a child-centered plan and developing a healthy foundation for communication and cooperation that will continue after your divorce.

As an experienced Social Worker, Collaborative Law Professional and Accredited Family Mediator, my practice is centered on Family Dispute Resolution and working with a team of committed divorce professionals, in order to create enduring, future focused resolutions for your family.

Carolyn McAlpine