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I am a Collaborative Family Lawyer.  I will provide you with the support, compassion and guidance you need from the initial step of your separation through to your final agreement.  I will be beside you every step of the way to listen to your needs, consider your concerns, and help you to generate as many options for settlement as possible.

I am passionate about Collaborative Practice.  Why?  Quite simply, it is the better way.  We have the ability to achieve immediate solutions to urgent issues while working quickly and cost-effectively towards a final settlement.  After years of practising family law in the court system, and engaging in the traditional negotiation process between lawyers, I have grown frustrated with the atmosphere of unnecessary conflict, the endless letter writing, and the huge costs that clients face both emotionally and financially.

There is no doubt that the process and the professionals that you and your spouse choose will be the single most important decision that you make when dealing with your separation.

I find it far more rewarding for me as a family law lawyer to have my clients reach agreements more quickly, out-of-court, working together in a process where the professionals are settlement-focused, respectful, and approach the issues with the common goal of preserving as much of your family’s assets as possible, rather than wasting resources creating or maintaining conflict.

I believe that there is great value in coming together, in face-to-face meetings, as soon as possible, to discuss concerns and to brainstorm together to generate options for settlement.

I am dedicated to making your experience with collaborative practice a positive one.  I absolutely guarantee that you will also believe it is the better way.

Nicole Lawson, B.A. (Hons), LLB, Collaborative lawyer & Mediator



Nicole graduated from Trent University with a B.A. (Hons).  She attended Osgoode Hall Law School, and was called to the bar in 2000.  Nicole grew up in the Peterborough area and she returned home to open her family law practice in 2001.  She has specialized training in Collaborative Law, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.

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