Collaborative Lawyer

Couple chatting with Lawyer

A Collaborative Lawyer takes a fundamentally different approach to resolving family law matters than is taken in the court process, or in traditional lawyer-to-lawyer negotiations.  Your Collaborative Lawyer is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of respect.   Our focus is on helping you to create solutions, not conflict.

We believe in the use of Family and Financial Professionals to help streamline the path towards a settlement, and to reduce costs by preserving more of your family’s resources.  We have specialized training and, even more importantly, dedication to a common philosophy that is settlement-focused, and tailored to your own unique needs and concerns.

Your Collaborative Family Lawyer is your lawyer and works for you, helping you clarify what matters most to you.  However, they also work with your partner and their lawyer, instead of against them, helping you find solutions together that work for both of you.

The Collaborative Law process is not a “battle” between your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer (as often witnessed during court proceedings or even in negotiating a settlement back and forth), but rather a streamlined process for resolution that is efficient and settlement focused.