Collaborative Process

Women Talking With Professional

Collaborative Practice is a refreshing change from the traditional approaches to separation and divorce.  The main difference is that your collaborative team shares a philosophy which focuses on settlement and the best uses of your family’s resources.  Collaborative Law Professionals focus on helping generate answers, not conflict.  In fact, everyone involved is committed to reaching an agreement for your family, out-of-court, in a respectful atmosphere. Everyone has a chance to be heard in the Collaborative Law process.

Another key feature and advantage of the Collaborative Law process is that we can use a Family Professional, as a shared resource, to address concerns regarding parenting, emotional, and communication issues.  We can also use a Financial Professional, as a shared resource, to gather financial information that is crucial to developing options for settlement.  You and your spouse pay one professional to deal with the issues in these areas, rather than each paying a lawyer their higher hourly rate to complete these tasks. The Collaborative Law process is more streamlined and cost-effective than the court process, or traditional negotiation approaches between lawyers (which generally is done through letter writing, with little to no direct contact).

The Collaborative Law process allows for a team approach so that you and your family’s needs are taken into consideration as everyone works towards creating a customized resolution.  You and your spouse outline what is important, and the process is tailored to meet your unique needs and values.  It is not about engaging in a battle with a winner and a loser.  It is about reaching a resolution that works.  By using the team of professionals (Family Professional, Lawyers for each spouse, Financial Professional) the family’s legal, financial and emotional needs are addressed.  All the team members, including spouses, pledge to not engage in the court process to resolve the matter.

You and your spouse each have your own lawyer to guide you through every step of the way and keep you informed and advised about the legal issues, your rights, and what is important to you.  All the professionals involved are settlement focused, and are specially trained and dedicated to work cooperatively for the benefit of you and your spouse.

You can be assured that all Collaboratively trained professionals are dedicated to the same philosophy; reaching cost-effective short and long term resolutions, as quickly as possible.  The process is completely private and confidential, efficient, cost-effective, client-centred and focused.  The team ensures that each spouse has the information they need to make sometimes difficult financial, legal and emotional decisions.