Family Professional

The Family Professional is often one of the first members of the the team that meets with you and your spouse, especially where emotions are running high, where there is conflict and lack of communication, or where there are immediate concerns to be considered regarding your children.

Because separation and divorce can feel very complicated, unpredictable and at times ‘scary’, a Family Professional works independently and as part of the Collaborative team to help support and empower you to reach solutions that meet your short and long-term goals and to keep you focused on what matters most.

When concerns about you children are involved, the Family Professional works with you to ensure their future will be a top priority, by developing a child centered plan with you and your spouse.

The use of a Family Professional will streamline the process and increase efficiency. Both spouses share the cost of using one professional, rather than having all communications go between the lawyers’ offices, as often happens when parties are involved in Court or traditional approaches outside Collaborative processes.

Improving communication between family and professionals, managing emotions, facilitating meetings and helping you to navigate through difficult and essential conversations are all parts of the expertise the Family Professional brings to the process, providing a valuable resource to you and the entire Collaborative team.