Mediation is a respectful, informal and productive way to solve disputes away from court. In this voluntary process, our team of lawyer and social worker mediators helps people develop mutually acceptable solutions, while ensuring that each person’s voice is heard and what matters most is addressed.

Your mediator will act as a realistic and impartial sounding board and is an expert in helping people experiencing worry and conflict to communicate better.

Mediators are neutral towards all parties and cannot give legal advice.  It is helpful for the parties to obtain legal advice before embarking on mediation.  Parties can bring their lawyers with them to mediation; however this is not required.

The goal of mediation is to reach terms for an agreement that will be incorporated into a “Memorandum of Understanding”.  It is this document that will be used to prepare a legally binding  Separation Agreement.

Mediation allows the parties to resolve their conflict in a way that works best for them. It provides a fair, safe, balanced, informed and cost effective way to resolve issues, with professionals trained and experienced in dealing with financial, legal and parenting disputes.